Unrequited Love Series | Something New (Episode 1)

Numbers don’t lie and my stats say that you guys enjoy when I talk about love. Have you ever been in love (or lust for that matter) and the object of your affection didn’t feel quite the same? That’s what we call an unrequited love!

Three years ago, I was dealing with the lost of a toxic relationship, infant loss and the loss of EVERYTHING I owned (I’ll share that story later on the blog). One year out of that tumultuous relationship I decided to date again to get my feet wet. I met some great guys and some not so good ones. Check out some of my dating woes here!

In the midst of dating, a familiar “bug” made a reappearance in my life — the writing bug! Writing was my first love as a child. I was recognized often and won many awards for my writing. I remember my grandma gave me a sewing machine and my cousin an electronic typewriter for Christmas once. I was so upset because I wanted that typewriter! I had read the entire “Babysitter’s Club” series and I thought that I was ready to write my first book. That typewriter was going to help me do it!

Writing was second nature to me. I had all types of stories in my head; but, then life happened. I became so obsessed with living life that I forgot about the things that bought me the most peace.

Dating again bought on intense emotions. I didn’t know what to do with those emotions so I begin to pour my soul out onto paper by writing poetry in an effort to find peace.

The Unrequited Love Series is dedicated to this time in my life. Once per week, for the next several weeks, I will share a poem that I wrote including my inspiration behind it. So without further ado, here’s the first poem:

Something New

Put me on to something new

Something that transcends all past loves

Something I’ve never experienced

Something that’s good for the soul

Something that will activate my imagination

Something that will restore my faith in friendship and love

Something that will inspire me to operate at my highest frequency

Something that’s so new it makes me slightly uncomfortable

Something that ignites my senses

Something that I can vibe to

Something that I can write to

Something that I can cry to

Got damn it, I don’t care just gimme something new


I was lying around listening to old Curtis Mayfield records. A song called “So In Love” played and I begin to daydream about the love I never had. A love that is different, a love that inspires. A new love like Jody Whatley, and so I wrote my first poem in over 15 years. It was just the catharsis I needed. Over the next year or so I would be inspired to write several more.

How do you get over heartache? Do you write poems as well? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading. You dont want to miss out on anything so be sure to click the ‘Subscribe’ button below. Stay tuned for more poems in the coming weeks. See y’all soon!

2 thoughts on “Unrequited Love Series | Something New (Episode 1)

  1. I never really thought about how I got over heartache until I read this post. It’s made me to start to think about things I might’ve done or ways in which I get over heartache. Until recently, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever made an actual effort to get over heartache. Things just end or hang in limbo, I hold on to hope for change of heart/mind/soul and the back and forth goes on until one of us (usually him) gets tired/bored and finds someone/something else. I think this may be what has my dating life stagnant and unfortunately left me a lil bit…a lot bit lol bitter.


    1. Listen, I’m human and it’s still hard as hell. People are around her suffering PTSD after heartbreak, but neither party is stopping long enough to see the effects. We have to be careful about our choices and others need to be honest about what they really want.


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