Unrequited Love Series | Ghetto Love (Episode 3)

Welcome to Episode Three! Be sure to check the blog for for previous episodes.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado…

Ghetto Love

He’s the most consistent of them all

Daily texts and good morning calls

Hey Beautiful, have a good day

And may God send many blessings your way

He tells me that I’m his diamond in the rough

A true gem that he didn’t treasure oddly enough

When I loved him, I loved him hard

But he was a victim of the ghetto all tattered and marred

He was young and dumb, to thug life he had succumb, yet he didn’t have a clue

Still I loved him the same, other side of the game, shouts out to Ms. Badu

But change is inevitable like the shifting of tectonic plates

I had to move on because destiny awaits

My love for him is unwavering, it will always stay

If he’s ever in dire need I’ll be there right away

Right now it’s crazy there’s a war going on

As much as I’d like to reciprocate affection I must stay strong

The Universe tells me that I’m needed on the front lines

If our love was meant to be it will be in due time


I wrote this poem due to my undying love for a former boyfriend. We met at 19 years old and dated for almost a decade. We literally grew up together! I’m currently 37 years old and I can say that he’s the only man I’ve dated that loved ALL of me. Every roll and curve on my body — all of my idiosyncrasies and flaws. I accepted his for a time as well; but, as we got older we grew apart and had different goals in life. Plus his lifestyle and addictions became too much for me.

I reference Erykah Badu’s classic song, “Otherside of the Game” because it related to our situation at the time. In this song, she sings about her love for a man whose behaviors are counterproductive to the success of their relationship.

In many of my poems I was compelled to say something like, “The Universe tells me I’m needed on the front lines.” I always feel like God is using me for a bigger purpose that I have yet to fully understand. In this case, I felt that our love hate relationship was not helping me get that message. So what did I do? I put pen to paper and pressed on.

Do you have a past love or current love that you can’t shake? Or did this poem evoke other memories for you? If so, tell me all about it in the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Unrequited Love Series | Ghetto Love (Episode 3)

  1. I definitely have a past love I can’t shake. Ironically, I met him when I was 19 and we couldn’t stand each other for a long time. He thought I was immature/goofy and I thought he was ugly and smoked too much weed. Lol The story is sooooo long and complicated. I always looked at him as the prototype. He was the epitome of lover and friend. Even if I couldn’t have him, I wanted a man who was just like him. Because to me, he was “the perfect man”. I have a bad habit of thinking that I mean more to people than I really do because of how much they mean to me and end up getting hurt. Same thing happened here, except this hurt was like none I had ever felt before and it’s taking me a long time to “get over it”. Even though it feels like he crushed my soul, I still love him. But I don’t want to. I was doing good, but I saw him a few months ago and now I think about him at least once a day and I hate it. I make my therapist work hard! Lol thanks for sharing and providing this outlet. It’s cathartic. 🙂


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