Unrequited Love Series: One and the Same (Episode 4)

Welcome to Episode Four of the “Unrequited Love Series”. Today, I’ll delve into a different type of love — my love for family, friends and culture.

One And The Same

Ms. Fat Booty, the painted on face beauty, tricking is her duty

She thinks she’s the baddest ‘cause her post just got all them likes

But when I saw her in public she didn’t live up to all the hype

I see the glue on your eyelashes boo

She’s a space cadet, I shaded her and she ain’t got a clue

Looking all dumbfounded

Understanding her worth, she can’t wrap her mind around it

Meanwhile Mr. Sophisticated is some ol’ arrogant prick

Always thinking with his insignificant d**k

Treating women like they ain’t shit

Trying to feed his lacking ego

That’s why I call him Mr. Incognito

He hides his true identity for the truth he can’t bare

After all, without the façade who’s gonna stop and stare

That’s what it’s all about right, attention

Them concerned about the societal effects? Tuh, no intentions

It’s a dog eat dog world and its inhabitants are greedy

Why go the other way when sleepwalking is far too easy

I prefer the road less travelled shout out to Robert Frost

Watch out for them shiny thangs, even pseudo popularity comes with a cost

A reputation I cain’t afford

If I sell my soul, can it be restored?


I wrote this poem after frustration from being around a poorly misguided young lady and a supposedly sophisticated man. They were from totally different worlds. One having a penchant for using her body to get what she wants from men all while unconsciously diminishing her worth. The other having a penchant for using women for sex behind closed doors all while he publicly promoted the “good guy” image for himself. They were alike in that sense — putting on a facade publicly to hide all that was really going on inside.

I couldn’t understand how they didn’t see that they were negatively contributing to all that is wrong with our community — more specifically the Black community. So I put pen to paper and the rest is history.

What frustrates you about our society? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Unrequited Love Series: One and the Same (Episode 4)

  1. There isn’t much that doesn’t frustrate me about society right about now. I feel like I’m living in the early 1950’s or 1960’s. It’s crazy. The lack of togetherness in the black community is the most hurtful. There is a freakin’ war being waged against us. We don’t need to wage one against each other. I understand coming together as the human race but the “human” race isn’t who’s being gunned down in the streets or in their own homes by racist police/white nationalists/klan members or whatever you wanna call them.


    1. Yes and the little things we do to either drives me insane. The gossip, the jealousy, cheating and unhealthy, unnecessary competition. I just try my hardest to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Thanks so much for all of your thoughtful commentary!!! I’m glad that you found catharsis in this.


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