How to Transition Summer Clearance to Fall Fashion

True style doesn’t have a price tag. And money doesn’t grow on trees! Check out this TikTok video of how I styled an outfit using pieces from the Walmart summer clearance rack.

The total of both pieces after taxes was $18.52!

I hope you’re inspired to create your own affordable look!

Via TikTok

#FlyAF Lookbook | How To Rock Headwraps

I love a good headwrap! Not only is it an accessory, but, it’s also a great way to protect my tight coils. There is so much history behind headwraps. Here’s a good history lesson.

I get so many compliments on my headwraps. Then I get the questions — “Is it hot” or “how do you scratch your scalp?,” Those are the funny ones. Next the suggestions, “You should do a headwrap tutorial” and “Why don’t you show us what to wear them with sis?” Ding! That’s the sound of a lightbulb sounding off in my head. There are literally hundreds of headwrap tutorials on YouTube. So I decided to take the “What To Wear” route.

Many people think that a headwrap may seem unprofessional or homely, but au contraire, you gots to know how to rock it!

Stretchy, bold colored and printed fabrics are great for beginners. Ankara wax print is a great option for more experienced “wrappers”. Just remember you might need to buy extra because traditional wax prints don’t have any stretch. Anyway you slice it just do your thing and have fun! Most of all stay #FlyAF.

Check out a lookbook of the many ways I rocked my headwraps! Peace y’all! ✌🏾

Headwrap: Ankara fabric/ Suit: Thrift store find by Vince Camuto / Graphic tee: Target / Shoes: Converse
Headwrap: Walmart tee / Top and bottoms: Eloquii / Shoes: Old ass Nine West peep toes 😂
Headwrap: Walmart tee / Dress: ASOS Curve/ Shoes: ASOS
Headwrap: Ankara fabric / Top: ASOS Curve / Shorts: Torrid / Shoes: Nike
Headwrap: Ankara fabric / Dress: Eloquii / Boots: ASOS
Headwrap: Old jersey dress / Top: ASOS Curve / Skirt: Old Navy / Boots: Dr. Martens
Headwrap: Beauty supply store / Dress: ASOS Curve / Shoes: Franco Sarto
Headwrap: Ankara fabric / Top: Eloquii / Jeans: Old Navy / Boots: ASOS
Headwrap: Remnant fabric / Dress: Polo / Boots: Timberland
Headwrap: Jersey print fabric / Dress: Old ass Polo 😁 / Sneakers: Nike… And Black Lives Matter ✌🏾❤
Because fashion always looks better in movement!

Check out for more dope fashion! A portion of the proceeds go to a beautiful family in need in Masaka, Uganda! ❤✌🏾

#FlyAF | Art After Dark

What up y’all? It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been luxuriating on a much needed summer break from technology. It is my hope that I can cure my addiction to checking my phone every five damn minutes! It’s been hard to stay away and eye-opening to say the least. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

Onward I press towards the pursuit of more real, meaningful life experiences. My first stop was at an event held at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture in Charlotte, NC.


When I heard the name, “Art After Dark”, it made me think of Ms. Nola Darling, the lead character in the Netflix series, “She’s Gotta Have It”. I guess it’s because her character is an artist and she held an art exhibition on the episode I watched. I knew I wanted my look to be dark, moody, sensual and artistic just like that episode left me feeling.

DeWanda Wise as Nola Darling in the Netflix series “She’s Gotta Have It”


I thought that this dress was going to be as hot as hell because it has long sleeves; but, I was wrong! The fabric is a light, sheer material that’s versatile enough to wear as a beach coverup or as an artsy after five event outfit like I’ve done here. The dress is very sheer so I opted to wear a black shaping short and a sexy black plunge style bra underneath. It worked out perfectly!

The quote above my head by Elizabeth Catlett read, “I wanted to show the history and strength of all kinds of black women. Working women, country women, urban women, great women in history of the United States.” How fitting? I felt honored to experience Catlett’s artistic prowess on this night.


Galactic nails, purple lipstick and silver jewelry all accentuate the entire look. Details do matter!

Check out the deets below to learn how to create the look for yourself.


  1. Collusion Mesh Tie Dye Dress
  2. Saint Laurent Medium Loulou Matelasse Leather Shoulder Bag
  3. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Vibrant Violet, no longer available
  4. Carolyn Pollack Ornate 3-Row Ring
  5. Silver hoops, personal stash
  6. Essie LuxEffects Nail Polish – Set in Stones
  7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Monochrome High Top
  8. Lucky Brand Flower Cuff Bracelet
  9. Turkish Coin Collar Necklace

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DIY Lip Print Jeans

In 2016, the red lip print trend was crazy! It was partly fueled by artist Donald Robertson’s signature lip print collections released the prior year.

2015 Brian Atwood x Donald Robertson Collaboration via

Fast forward to 2019 and I’m bored with the trend. Then one day I was scrolling through my IG feed and saw this:


I fell in love with the look, so of course I had to create a plus size version of the jeans!


Here’s what you need to make your own Lip Print Jeans:

  • Old pair of jeans
  • Fabric paint and/or markers ( I used Leather Studio brand paint in red and a black Sharpie marker)
  • Paper plate
  • Stencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Stencil sponges


  1. Find an old pair of jeans. I found this pair on the clearance rack at Old Navy for $2.47!
  2. Find a lip stencil or create one like I did. To create my stencil I put a piece of paper over the image below, traced it and cut it out. Simple!

You don’t have to create your own stencil or use a lip stencil. You can find lots of cool stencils on or at your local craft store.

3. Lay the jeans out on a flat surface

4. Squeeze your paint onto a paper plate and dab a stencil sponge into the paint until it is fully coated then lightly dab any excess paint onto the paper plate.


5. Position the stencil on the jeans in a manner that you desire. Lightly dab the paint over the stencil until fully colored in on the jeans. Repeat those steps all over the jeans and as needed to refill your sponge.


6. Allow the painted jeans to dry on a flat surface.

7. Once the paint dries use a Sharpie to draw a lip line and create an opening for a pouty lip look.

And voila, here’s the finished look!

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#FlyAF | The Power Suit

Power dressing is a fashion style that made its emergence in the mid-70’s. Power dressing enabled women to use fashion to establish authority in male dominated corporate and political environments. This style of dressing gave birth to the iconic 1980’s power suit.


The power suit was classically styled with sharp, rigid cuts and bulky shoulder pads. While boxy suits with shoulder pads have not always stood the test of time, the power suit remains the quintessence of success and confidence.



The most recent take on the power suit brings bright, bold colors and patterns, non-traditional cuts and a wide range of fabrics. I’m here for it all!






Oh of course I had to try my hand at this trend. Rocking a suit with sneakers screams business ‘cazjh’ so I decided to try that. Check out how I rocked the ‘Power Suit’ below.

Lady Sings The Blues

I found this Vince Camuto turquoise banger at my local Community Thrift on sale for half off. I walked out of that store paying $4.50 for the entire suit! After a trip to the local $2.49 dry cleaners, I styled it with silver platform Chucks, a fun print tee from Forever 21, silver jewelry and big curly hair. You can find a similar look here.

Lady In Red

This little red number caught my eye because of the front V-slits in the pant legs and ties at the wrist of the blazer. I’m a big ole sucker for details! Add my beloved Comme Des Garcons x PLAY Chuck Taylor sneaks, a graphic tee, a good ole faithful head wrap, black sunnies, gold jewelry and the look is complete. Get the look here while supplies last.

The Electric Lady (My Baby Sister!)

Finally, I styled my little sister for her recent talent show. She wanted something unique and comfy that complemented her tomboyish style. We found this rainbow pinstriped suit, added a colorful graphic print tee and –you guessed it– a pair of Chuck Taylor sneaks and a dramatic low afro puff. Get the look here.
So how do you feel about power suits? Do you already wear them freely or are you inspired to rock one after reading this blog post? Tell me all about it in the comments below.
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Since 2005, Nike has released a shoe collection to commemorate Black History Month. In addition, Nike’s “Equality” campaign has allowed them to use their influence to make some powerful statements surrounding human rights. I can dig it!

I couldn’t be more excited because guess what brand Nike owns? Converse — of course! Refer to my borderline maniacal obsession with Converse Chuck Taylors here.

The bright, bold colorways in this collection pay homage to the African culture with prints that are very similar to traditional African wax fabric designs.

The entire collection will begin releasing sporadically throughout the month starting February 1st. Check out some of my faves below:

Credit: Nike News

Credit: Nike News

Credit: Nike News

Credit: Nike News

Credit: Nike News

Credit: Nike News

Credit: Nike News

Credit: Nike News

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#FlyAF | Michelle Obama

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe

The former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama is definitely telling us that she is royalty worthy to be praised in this head to toe Balenciaga fit she wore on her recent book tour stop in Brooklyn! She sat down to chat with the “Sex in the City” queen herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. Epic and iconic, right?

Mrs. Obama has all of the gracefulness and style of Jackie O and is just as inspiring and influential as Eleanor Roosevelt. All of that magic combined makes her one of the most powerful women of our time!

But enough of all of that, let’s get into this look. The boots are clearly the star of her outfit. They are the Glitter Knife Boot from Balenciaga’s SS18 Collection.

Get into it!

Yasssss Michelle! She floated through with those divine thigh high, glittery, glistening metallic gold boots on — in the words of The Floaters, “Float, float on” girl! Those boots are heavenly and had to be sent from above!

Now let’s get into this dress. Former POTUS is one lucky man because FLOTUS is out here looking like sunshine on a stick in this saffron silk shirt dress from the Balenciaga SS19 Collection! The original model of this dress barely served the same justice as Michelle’s curvy figure. No shade though – I’m just partial to curves, of course.

Michelle is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, wife, mother, former FLOTUS, motivational speaker, author and so much more. To top all of that off she’s FLY AF! She’s taken some fashion risks in the past; but, this “after the presidency” Michelle is serving us liberty and ‘fashion’ justice for all!

She’s intelligent, beautiful and stylish – now that’s what we call balance! As a faithful member of the Weird Black Girl to Weird Black Woman committee, Mrs. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, YOU ARE OUR LEADER! Yasssssss!

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#FlyAF | Thrifted Edition

For my recent trip to Southern California, I wanted a budget-friendly wardrobe that was all-encompassing of my ‘Diva Gypsy Dreamer’ spirit. So I hit up the thrift stores of LA and Huntington Beach, CA and Charlotte, NC. Here’s what I found, click on each pic for details:

Thrifted Chicago Graphic Print Tee – $3

Floral Gitano Skirt – $4

White Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes – personal stash

Glasses – personal stash

Jewelry – personal stash

Outfit total: $7

Salt N Pepa Graphic Tee – $17

Compression 3/4 Length Leggings – personal stash

Ankara Headwrap – personal stash

Adidas – personal stash

Outfit total: $17

Thrifted Lakers Tee – $2.50

*Cut off bottom of tee to crop it*

Thrifted Maxi Skirt – $13

Black Block Heels – personal stash

Cowie Shell Gold Hoops – personal stash

Belt – personal stash

Glasses – Borrowed from my sweet little cousin and photog, Mary 😍

Outfit total: $15.50

ASOS Plus Size Men’s Shirt – $30

*Not thrifted, bought on sale*

Black Block Heels – personal stash

Outfit total: $30

Torrid Dress -$12

Leopard Print Calf Hair Slides – personal stash

Purple Sunglasses – personal stash

Head Scarf – personal stash

Outfit total: $12

Forever 21 Sunshine Tee – $5

Thrifted Stripe Midi Skirt – $4

Tassel Earrings – Made by my talented artist little cousin, Vickie 😍

Converse Chuck Taylors – personal stash

Outfit total: $9

Jean Jacket – personal stash

Old Navy Mustard V Neck Tee – personal stash

Cutoff denim shorts – personal stash

*I just cut up an old pair of jeans*

Target Slides – personal stash

Outfit total: $0

Drum roll please! In total I spent less than $100 for six outfits! Six outfits! Did you get that SIX, plus size outfits! That’s unheard of y’all!

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#FlyAF | OTR II Concert Look

In this addition of Fly AF, I’ll detail my outfit for the highly anticipated “On The Run II”, Jay-Z and Beyonce aka The Carters, world tour.

When I found out that The Carters were coming to my beloved home state and almost hometown of Columbia, SC I knew I had to be there. It was a historic occasion!

I was inspired by this outfit that Beyonce wore to a Kayne West concert a couple of years ago.

Via Beyonce’s Instagram

I love the way she paired a custom band tee with a feminine leather wrap skirt with button details, wild blond hair, simple jewelry and natural makeup.

Here’s my take on her fit:

1. Outkast Stankonia Tee

2. Plus Size Black Skinny Leg Jeans

3. Round Aviator Glasses

4. Boderier Ear Cuffs Crystal Flower Earrings

5. MAC Dazzleshadow in Flash and Dash

6. MAC Matte Lipstick in Sin

7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High in Black/Black

8. Boho Tribal-Inspired Rhinestone Statement Necklace

Finished Look

Silver bracelet and ring from a dope street vendor in Nimes, France

Hair by @healthyhairbyshanda via Instagram

Grape Jelly Nails by Annie at Happy Nails in Columbia, SC

Henna by Naseera Fazil Henna Art in Charlotte, NC

Eye Makeup by Keisha at MAC in Columbia, SC

What do you think? Did I nail it? Did you recently go to an OTR II tour stop or another concert? What did you wear? Leave a comment below.

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I ❤ Chucks!

According to a quick internet search, the top five most collectible items are:

  1. Classic Cars
  2. Vintage Electronics
  3. Coins
  4. Books
  5. Baseball Cards

This list is flawed people! Converse Chuck Taylors are not on there. I imagine it’s because people don’t know of the gloriousness they possess or maybe it’s something silly like the fact that they are highly produced shoes and don’t hold much value. Go figure!

I collect Chucks and I love it! I love that there are so many varieties. I also love that I can wear them with ANYTHING! Of course I’m not the biggest collector in the world; but I enjoy my little collection. Here’s a little history lesson on Chucks.

History of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (based specifically on what I think is important)

1908: Marquis Mills Converse founded the Converse Rubber Shoe Co. in Malden, Mass.
1917: The Converse All Star was born.

1918: Basketball player Chuck Taylor laces up his first pair of All Stars.
1921: Taylor becomes America’s first player-endorser.
1936: The classic white Chucks were introduced just in time for the summer season.

1939: The New York Rens, an all Black professional basketball team, won the first professional basketball championship. They won 88 straight games all while playing in Chucks.

1949: The NBA is born, with just about every player in the league wearing Chuck Taylor All Stars.
1962: Converse rolls out a low-cut version of the Chuck Taylor All Star. The “oxford” becomes a hit for the casual set.
March 2, 1962: Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a pair of Chucks.


1970s: The slang term “Chucks” began.
1979: Tree Rollins was the last professional player to play in Chucks.
1993: Snoop Dogg walked us through his daily routine in his classic song ‘Lodi Dodi’ saying, “Threw on my White Sox, with my all blue Chucks.”
2003: Nike acquires Converse.
2000s: Wiz Khalifa expresses his love for the shoe by saying he’s a part of the ‘Taylor Gang’.


The Beginning of a Love Affair

My love of Chucks started because I have big, wide feet and I was tired of looking for cute colorful shoes. Chucks were the most versatile shoe that would go with anything. And so the love affair began.

I’ve worn them to church.

I’ve worn them hiking in a dress.

I’ve posed in them in a street construction tunnel.

I’ve worn them with dresses and headwraps.

And skirts.

And shorts.

I’ve worn them to work.

I’ve even eaten them for my 35th birthday.

My fave pair are the Chucks All Star High Top in the Black on Black or Mono Black as some refer to them. I have two pair; but, my fave out of the two is the older pair — faded and holey!

Speaking of tattered Chucks, that is when they have aged to perfection. When I see someone with a worn, but clean pair of Chucks on I know that they are mere mortals to a Chucks connoisseur. A Chucks connoisseur knows that there’s nothing like a worn pair of dirty Chucks. I don’t wash my Chucks unless they are white or if I’ve stepped in shit! No, they don’t stink either — LOL!

Tips for Wearing Chucks

Many people think that Chucks are uncomfortable; but, here are some easy tips to make them comfy.

  • Buy them a half to whole size bigger to allow for wiggle room
  • Wear them with a light or medium weight sock.
  • Buy a really good insole for them. I use Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit and regular shoe inserts. They are magical.
  • When I get a new pair I put them on with socks, completely unlace them and lace them up again. This will allow the lacing to be custom to my feet.

Here’s a custom laced pair, notice how the laces don’t appear to be too loose or too tight.

Chuck Collabos

Every now and then Chucks makes love to a hip designer or celebrity and gives birth to some of the dopest collections ever. Here are some recent collaborations:

Converse x Miley Cyrus Pride

And my fave…

Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse

As you can see, my love for Chucks runs deep. People are always sending me messages about a pair of Chucks they saw that I might be interested in. I love it! I think I’ll be a senior citizen still rocking my Chuck Taylors. F*** it, bury me in my Chucks so that I can be fly and fly high on ’em in Heaven — ain’t nothing like it!

Me in the fresh Polka Dotted Chucks

Are you a Chuck collector or do you love Chucks? Maybe you despise them. Or maybe you’re a part of the Converse team and you want to comp me a pair of those sold out Off White collabs — wishful thinking! At any rate, comment below and tell me all about it.

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